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Thursday 19 October 2017
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Helsinki Airport Flights

The three runways of Helsinki Airport will make provision for growth in the future while it presently is able to hold aircraft of an extra-wide nature like the Airbus A340 as well as Airbus A350. The first one (A340) is already in operation and the other (A350) is set to start operation with Finnair at the airport in the approaching decade.

The flights at this airport are generally on time but as nature would have it, sometimes flights are delayed for various reasons, the most obvious one being weather conditions. However, waiting for your flight at the Helsinki Airport can be a great experience. Here are some ways on how you may bide your time while you wait to depart.

One hour to spare – There is Fly Inn restaurant lounge found above gate number 27. All passengers are welcome to visit the lounge and enjoy the great runways views that are offered. It boasts the best vantage point. There is also the Café Tori with its excellent atmosphere. Close to gate 26, you can take pleasure in having coffee and old-fashioned pastries and also lovely wine with sushi. Here you get a splendid tarmac view and also the children’s playground.

Two to three hours to spare – Take pleasure in eating wonderful food while travelling. The á la carte restaurants of the airport provide delicious lunches as well as excellent eating experience that comes complete with suggested wines. You may go to Seasons restaurant to enjoy these benefits. It can be found neighboring gate 14. Go and see the art collection and ensure that you see the photography exhibition which displays the finest of the city.

Make a stop at the Finnish Aviation Museum where there is a wonderful collection of about 80 aircraft and numerous other items that are associated with the aviation world. This museum is found just outside the airport.