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Helsinki Airport

Even when the arrival number of passengers at Helsinki Airport is great, they are smoothly led to the relevant areas that they are required to go. This is due to the airport’s usage of the most modern technology, original designs as well as customer service of a personalized nature. These factors work together to make connections of numerous flights and also between millions of individuals and their corresponding cultures. It is believed that this is the reason why this airport is known as one of the best airport on the globe and most certainly in Europe since 1997.

The Helsinki Airport is the top airport for long-hauling in the northern part of Europe and is known to be a well-known transfer spot. The strength of this airport is based on its position – the fact that it is found along a route that is considered the quickest and most direct between the countries Europe and Asia. There are 130 direct destinations throughout the globe that this airport offers as well as 350 departures each day. Almost all (90%) of the international airline traffic uses this airport. Helsinki Airport is the main one in a 25-airport network that is managed by Finnish Airport Operator, Finavia.

Essential facts of this airport include: 20,000 employees; 1,500 companies; thirty-three airlines; two terminals; three runways; in 2011, 95,312 landings; and a whopping 14.9 million passengers (in 2011).

There is an ongoing redevelopment of the airport with a lot of significant renovations involved. These are centered on the current baggage area that began its service in 2009 and also the waiting lounge. Services relating to the airline itself and passengers will also be improved while plans are ongoing and sustainable energy methods are installed. Critical overhaul work on the terminal 2 of the airport should finish towards the end of 2011. The areas for passenger check-in are being fixed to facilitate the smooth running of security checking. Today, the facilities for check-in have more space and are easier to use. Baggage is promptly passed through the renovated center for handling baggage and into the aircraft.

Renovation works are also being done with the points for security control. The purpose of this is to raise the security control capacity to facilitate easier and faster departure. There will be some conversion of the previous area used for check-in at the ending section of Terminal 2 into a complete area for security control. There will also be renovations to the areas where the gate is located in the terminal’s old sections. Plans are made for new restaurants cafés as well as shops at the Helsinki Airport. The current appearance of the retail outlets will be made to look modern. The ultimate aim is to provide passengers with welcoming comfort while they are at the airport. They are invited to enjoy the environment when they wait for their flight to depart. When the retail outlets are relocated, this will provide additional and spacious passageways as well as more waiting area seating. Helsinki Airport will look completely new and different when all the planned renovation and redevelopment work has been completed.

All are invited to shop. Passengers that are visiting the country may buy things by the area of the gate near to security control. They have the opportunity to purchase cigarettes and alcoholic beverages when they are going to any end point outside of Europe to Åland Islands or Canary Islands and get duty-free deals.

Domestic passengers also have the chance to buy at the shops that are at the gate but not at the shops that are tax free and duty free which sell tobacco or alcohol. They are particular shops for domestic passengers where they can get candies and cosmetics and these are found at two gates – 20, 26.

Airport Information

Official Name:
Helsinki Vantaa
Time Zone:
GMT +2.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
60° 19’ 2" N
Longitude (DMS):
24° 57’ 48" E
Passengers (2017):
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3,060m (10,039ft)
60m (197ft)
3,440m (11,286ft)
60m (197ft)
2,901m (9,518ft)
60m (197ft)