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Helsinki Airport Parking

Because the customers are at the heart of the decisions made by Helsinki Airport, you have the opportunity to choose the parking option that is most ideally positioned and cost effective to enable you to save money as well as valuable time.

Helsinki Airport is found approximately an hour and a half (9 km) from Helsinki’s center by road. If you are heading for the airport to board a flight or to pick up a passenger, there are directional signs placed at the area of the airport that will assist you in finding the right direction. As added information, Turku and Tampere are found 170km away from the Helsinki Airport and highways exist that take you to both of these cities. In addition to Helsinki being a well-known award-winning airport, it houses Finland’s bus station that is the second largest. There are plans in only a few years to have a railway station under the airport – Ring Rail Line. This will make connection of two rail routes and create a railway station that is only a few stops from the airport.

If you come to the airport in a car, you may make a selection from the thousands of spaces that are designed for parking. There is a car park – the P5 - with multiple storey that is conveniently positioned over the road opposite the offices. To ensure that your holiday is starting right, you can choose Lomaparkki parking that provides a relatively affordable option for parking for up to two weeks. The areas for Lomaparkki parking are displayed in orange color.

For 1-week parking

  • EUR 39 - P4 outdoor
  • EUR 65 - P5 close to terminals
  • EUR 57 - P3 close to terminals

For 2-week parking

  • EUR 60 - P4 outdoor:
  • EUR 100 - P5
  • EUR 85 - P3

Indoor car park which can be used by holiday travelers are located indoors at P1 and P2 – front part of Terminal 2.