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Helsinki Airport Arrivals

Passengers whose journey end at Helsinki Airport will check the monitor nearest to them to find out where they should immediately go and collect their baggage – Arrivals 1, 2A, 2B. Arriving passengers have the wonderful opportunity of shopping and taking pleasure in all of the services that are offered.

The job of the ground crew of each airline must handle baggage. Upon arrival, if you should find that your baggage got damaged or lost during your flight, you should contact you airline.

If you are heading to Asia or Europe, the route that is considered to be the fastest and most direct is the one that goes by way of Helsinki. The length of the airport is displayed in the great position in terms of geography and also in the effortless and smooth transfers. Every arrival as well as departures is found at the same place in one building. There are short distances and gates are found along the walkway. The time used in transferring is known as one of the shortest in Europe.

When you arrive at Helsinki Airport you will discover that you are provided with an atmosphere that is thorough and adequately unhurried, less crowd, reduced queuing and most importantly friendly.

Exceptional customer care makes this airport popular as well as their punctuality and efficiency. The airport has been chosen on various occasions as being one of the most ideal airports that are found in Europe. The employees continuously work to ensure that your stay is unforgettable.

Individuals designated to pick up arriving passengers are advised to check the monitors at the airport to find out which one of the arrival section the party will be coming through. If the driver is picking up passengers from arrivals, he or she is required to park the vehicle in one of the areas reserved for parking.