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Helsinki Airport Car Hire

If you are arriving at Helsinki Airport in Sweden and need a great ride, you can be provided with the flexibility and freedom to continue your ground travelling when you choose car hire. In some cases, this is the only or the best way to get to desired destinations. However, renting a car can prove to be complicated at times when you are planning a trip, for example, when you spend hours trying to find the best bargain or working the exact insurance options that are required. Car hire at the airport eliminates the stress by providing ways to save money and helping you to understand the rental contract.

Selecting a vehicle – Do careful consideration regarding the type of vehicle you are going to need. If you will have children or a several gears on the journey, a large SUV or Sedan would be most ideal. If you really just want to save money on gas and rental rates, the smallest model that is available will be your best bet.

However, size is only one factor. If you are like several others who are going green in all areas of life you will also prefer a vehicle that is environmentally friendly. You can have a look at the eco-friendly car hire services that are available. Other selection includes the vehicle’s method of driving, for example stick shift or automatic transmission. Find out about any international rental discounts and any other deals you are able to get like car seat, GPS system and ski rack among others.

Making vehicle booking – Know beforehand how long you will need the vehicle. If it is not for an entire week, it is suggested that you use the services of major car hire services like Budget, Enterprise, Thrifty, Avis, Alamo or Hertz. Rentals for one week and more are better provided by local companies or auto dealers as you might receive more ideal rates. You should bear in mind though that if you are making plans that require a lot of driving that if you should be involved in an accident or the vehicle break down, the local companies do not generally have the support services that the major companies have.

Do not rush into any rental agreement. Do your shopping around on top booking websites to get a feel of the rates that are available. You must also look on the website of the particular car hire service that you are interested in as there will be offers of exclusive discounts and you are able to bypass booking fees. Remember also to find out about various discount car hire deals that are available prior to making reservations. To further lower rates, find out about discounts for top national organizations, credit card and frequent flier programs or any other program that you belong to.

Before you make any online booking, search the internet for promotions or coupon codes to place in the relevant box on the search engine of the car hire service of the company’s website. More often than not, you will be able to find promotion codes that are set up to save you from 5% to 20% of your rental expenses.

Consider becoming a part of the loyalty program of the car hire company when you make the booking. Although these will vary by each company, the majority of them does not cost a cent and allow you to be entitled to particular treats when you pick up your rented vehicle. You will have specific information on file beforehand so that you can get right in the vehicle when you arrive instead of joining long queues or having to fill out paper forms.