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Helsinki Airport Transfers & Taxis

Exit the Helsinki Airport in great style when you pre-book an airport transfer to eliminate travelling hassle from your trip. You may enjoy the safest online system and get immediate confirmation of the booking for an airport taxi. You will have a driving waiting when the flight land and you can be assured that the taxi transfers are proven to be of high quality and are very dependable. These taxi transfers offer comfort and efficient continuation of your trip from the airport that can be booked way in advance of your visit to this side of Sweden.

For persons who are travelling by themselves or the group that they are travelling with is small, a great alternative to regular taxi service is to share a taxi. You can get a trip that is coordinated by the taxi transfer service that has passengers who are heading in the same direction. The pickup times and prices are fixed for this type of taxi service. Travelers are also able to rent a taxi from the airport if they did not do any pre-booking.

When you choose private taxi transfers for groups or individuals, you get to have the car entirely to yourself. There is one stop included in the fixed rate for this service and an additional charge for additional stops. If the group members are heading in different directions when they leave the airport, a fixed price will be calculated for the taxi and the route planned for you. Simply provide the addresses as well as the amount of persons that are coming or going to each address. The rates start from €65.

Area 1 (Check for area)

Airport Taxi Shuttle – 1 or 2 persons: 29 €; 3 or 4 persons: 45 €; 5 to 7 persons total 60 € Private Transports – 1 to 7 persons: 65 €; 8 to 16 persons: 90 €;

Area 2 (Check for area)

Airport Taxi Shuttle – 1 or 2 persons: 40 €; 3 to 4 persons: 55 €; 5 to 7 persons: 70 €

Private Transports – 1 to 7 persons: 75 €; 8 to16 persons: 120 €

No matter the age, children are considered passengers and this means a seat can be reserved for them too. Each passenger should use safety seat or seat belt. It should be noted that no baby safe seats are provided and also that no additional charge is requested for special luggage for the children like strollers.