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The Helsinki Airport can be found at 1 ½ hrs or 19 km from Helsinki’s center, Vantaa, when you travel by road. This airport is the top international airport that is found in the country of Finland. It is also the Nordic countries’ airport that comes fourth on the list for largest airport. Signs that show you the correct direction to get there are erected along the way to assist you in finding your way quickly and easily. The cities of Turku and Tampere are close to (170km) the airport and both of them have highways that lead into the city. From Helsinki Airport, St. Petersburg is accessible by way of the highway E18.

This airport is well supported by different means of transportation such as public taxis that are conveniently positioned on the outside of terminal buildings as well as bus service that frequently runs between Helsinki Airport and the center of the city as well as other destinations. The airport road, Keha 3, provide a quick and also easy access to the road downtown. A lot of hotels that are located in the area provide free shuttle bus services when you make a booking. A very common method of getting to and from the Helsinki Airport is by way of a rental car company that provides the customer with high level convenience.

The airport has suitable connections to the city by way of Highway 45. The airport can be accessed from the west or east across Keha 3 and driving is made easy from the two terminals on the main routes. It is the network of supporting highways and roads as well as the numerous place of interest that result in higher demand for hiring a car. Several persons that land at the Helsinki Airport hire a car to go outside of the city and head in the direction of famous destinations and this include Espoo city.

If you are driving from the center of the city of Helsinki by car, you should take the northern route along the Tuusula Road from Highway 45. Follow the well-marked signs that will give you correct directions to the hub of the Helsinki Airport. If you are driving by car from the east or the west, take the route of Highway 50 or Highway E18 onto Keha 3 and look for the signs that will tell you exactly how to get to the airport.

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