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Budget Helsinki Airport

There is a wide range of models to choose from at Budget, in varying styles and sizes to meet your needs. Renters have no need to worry because on average all budget vehicles are no more than a year old, plus they all get serviced regularly; even before each rental. If it is that you are taking a short trip for business, a family vacation, or you are just simply in need of a vehicle while your personal car is in the garage, Budget makes it easy to use their facility to choose the best vehicle for you at the best cost in the perfect location. There is the option of a smaller car so you can run around town or even do so by upgrading to a more lavish car. Keep in mind that all cars are very dependable and properly maintained. The best price and service is offered because after 50 years of experience in car hire budget has learnt how to get it right.

In locations worldwide, Budget Car Rental has more than 3,400 cars. Finding the car rental service closest to your location is easy when you search through a global search facility budget provides. The budget has a enviable reputation worldwide, their name have been made globally in car hire. You are sure to find a dedicated Budget staff providing their service with their fleet of rental vehicles to customers across the world at airports. This brand is synonymous with value and in 116 countries they are quickly identifiable. Life is even made easier for you because you have the advantage of booking your car hire online for their top notch quality car hire service reasonably priced for all. Customers also have the option of leasing from Budget Car Rental from an individual to a corporation, from one year minimum to three years maximum. When the car is due for servicing, Budget provides a free replacement vehicle so that their value customers can continue driving hassle free.

In order to make sure their vehicles are kept young, ex lease vehicles are disposed of after three years, and this is a policy they live up to. It is because of their proper maintenance and servicing why their vehicles are in such demand on the market. Used cars provided by Budget can be viewed at a showroom at Sitra; they are on display to customers, not only do customers get to see them but cars are available for test driving prior to buying. This ensures customers are receiving quality cars and are satisfied.