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Hertz Helsinki Airport

The administrative personnel at Helsinki Airport in Sweden know the importance of having a reliable car hire service when your flight lands on the historic grounds of this side of the country.

The data center for Hertz Corporation is found in the city of Warr Acres with the Worldwide Reservation center found in a city called The Village. The two cities mentioned are in Oklahoma.

There are available Hertz car hire companies that operate in Helsinki city which is Finland’s capital and its largest city. The Helsinki Airport branch of the Hertz Rental Company provides passengers of incoming flights with the flexibility of discovering what the city has to offer on their trip. There are several Art Nouveau erections that make the capital city popular. The motivation to construct the buildings came from a pioneer of art whose architectural work of art is central railway station in Helsinki. Several other buildings that are famous were designed by Alvar Aalto, a famous architect. You can hire a vehicle to take you on a trip into the cities that are neighbors in Helsinki such as Turku, Espoo, Tampere and also Grankulla. It will take approximately 2 ½ hours in your Hertz car hire to get to Turku and Tampere.

In the year 1954, the Hertz Corporation purchased Metropolitan Distributors, a NY company that leases trucks. The Corporation, in 1967, became a completely owned limited liability of RCA but was in operation as an entity that is separate. Ownership changes took place between 1985 and 1988. In 2005, an announcement was made that Hertz was in the process of being sold to a private fairness group for over $5 billion and this would be payable in cash as well as debt acquisition. In November 2006, this group took the corporation public and it is now on NY Stock Exchange as HTZ.

Hertz is well-known worldwide and is known to be highly reputable and fair. In its fleet are numerous vehicle manufacturers and most of the products are GM. The luxury cars that Hertz provide include Infiniti, Cadillac and Mercedes. Because of the connection with Ford in the past, in most of the Hertz locations, you would see brands like Volvo, Lincoln, Mazda and Mercury among others. It is recommended that when you choose Helsinki as your destination point, that you also consider using Hertz car hire if you want to eliminate the stress of hiring a suitable vehicle to enjoy your trip.